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2 year’s Warranty are acceptable except physical damage, improper operation,unauthorized changes to the product, and attempt to repair or other natural or manmade disasters.

How to care furniture?

  1. Daily cleaning

To know that solid wood furniture needs to be carefully cleaned and cleaned daily, you can use a soft cotton rag, because the dry rags on the surface of the furniture can be gently wiped clean, if necessary, you can use a wrung wet rag to wipe , but it is still necessary to wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately, because the moisture cannot stay on the surface of the furniture for a long time, so as not to penetrate into the wood. If the stains on the furniture are too serious, you can use a special cleaning agent instead of soapy water or detergent to remove the stains, which will be corrosive to the solid wood furniture and make the surface of the solid wood furniture become bleak.

  1. Keep away from heat sources

Solid wood household wood is easy to shrink when heated, easy to deform and crack, so it is best to place the home in a position to avoid direct sunlight, away from stoves and radiators, etc., and also do a good job of thermal insulation protection.

Also, don’t put glass on the solid wood dining table, because the soft glass will react with the lacquer and bond together over time.

  1. Prevent hard objects from scratching

Solid wood furniture is easy to be knocked out of depressions and cracks when transporting, so when transporting, be sure to wrap every part with pearl cotton and foam, and then pack it with a wooden frame, so that the impact can be slowed down.

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