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We all know how important good sleep can be to a healthy and happy life. That’s why it is so important to choose a bed frame and mattress that match your style, lifestyle and sleeping situation. After all, we all spend a large portion of our lives sleeping. Your bed needs to be a place that you love.

There are numerous types of beds available for every kind of sleeper. In fact, there are types of beds and mattresses for light sleepers, heavy sleepers and everyone in between. And each type matches a different personality.

There are modern beds, traditional beds, beds with storage and so many other types of beds. You are certain to find one that matches your preferences.

Mondern Bed Styles

If you like a clean, modern and sleek look in your bedroom, go for the platform bed. Positioned closer to the floor than a traditional bed, a platform bed requires just a mattress and no box spring which is an added savings.

Or, if you want to add just a few inches to the bed’s height, a Bunky board is a good option for a platform bed. Not familiar with the term Bunky board? A Bunky board is a slender and supportive under-mattress board that raises your mattress a few inches without changing the look of the bed. It’s actually a wrapped wood frame covered in quilted damask with a dust cover that protects the underside. Simple and smart.

Classic Bed Styles

However, if you like a more classic look in your bedroom, search for a traditional bed that requires a mattress plus a box spring. Many traditional beds are sold as one piece with the headboard already attached. If not, once you have found your perfect mattress, choose a headboard that suits your personal style and your bedroom’s decor. Headboards range from traditional to modern. There truly is a headboard available for every style of bedroom.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Bed

There are many things to consider when researching types of beds.

Think about the size of your room. Do you have space for a large bed, or would a smaller bed save space for your dresser, chair or desk?

Would you prefer a storage bed? Storage beds have drawers beneath the bed, which removes the need for a dresser in your bedroom. Storage beds simply offer additional space for anything you want to keep in your room, but may not want to display. Think off-season clothes, picture frames, bed sheets and blankets, board games—anything.

Do you have pets and children? Choose a lower-to-the-ground bed if you want kids and pets to be able to easily get hop in bed with you. Choose a higher bed if you want the space to be just for adults.

No matter your bed or mattress preferences, buying a bed is one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family. Consider room size, mattress comfort and style preferences before choosing the bed of your dreams. And, trust us: That bed does exist.

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