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Give your leather furniture some love

Your leather furniture is an investment, so it’s important to give it the proper care it needs. When it comes to maintaining leather furniture, conditioning is a must. Leather dries out over time, so applying conditioner effectively can help it remain soft, bring out its best features, and extend its life. 

1.  Clean your furniture.

Prepare your leather couch for conditioning by cleaning it. Cleaning your leather couch is an important step because it helps the leather absorb the conditioner properly. Vacuum the crevices of your couch where particles collect and wipe down the surface using a soft, damp cloth. 

If your couch needs a deeper clean, use a cleaner or soap designated for leather upholstery. Once you’ve cleaned your couch, let the leather dry completely before conditioning. 

You may even want to consider having a local furniture cleaner take care of your couch once a year. This helps remove permanent stains and primes your couch for conditioning. 

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2. Choose a good leather conditioner

It’s important to select a conditioner to help the leather on your couch stay supple. Leather couches are prone to forming cracks because the material loses moisture over time. When looking for a leather conditioner, you can choose from creams, oils, and waxes. The conditioner you use may also depend on the type of leather on your couch. Make sure to look for a conditioner that contains sunscreen to protect it from UV damage.

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